Liquid Fuel

Comes in both adjustable "split" and set wick system .Pack in a carton of 24, it comes in a unique screw cap can, ensuring no spillage and unsightly rust formation.


Gel Fuel

Formulated in accordance with the stingent controls and requirements for international export and use. It's standard of consistency enables the product to compete internationally with the world's leading brands and is presently the most commonly exported product. The fuel's content assures maximum burn output and a blue flame that emits no smoke, is odorless, and does not create a soot residue. This high viscosity easy-to-handle gel assures no spillage, and is packed in recyclable tin containers that are more sturdy and resistant to dents and shocks. A variety of refilleable tin container sizes is available to suit all operational requirements.

Wax Fuel

Meets the vigorous demand and expectations of the hospitality industry. It is ideal for outdoor use and is the perfect choice for chefs and caterers. The formulation of our Wax Fuel assures its reliability to perform under extreme conditions, leaving behind non burnt residue in its tin container, whilst most other chafing fuels will self-extinguish or flicker in similar conditions. Our premier wax fuel:

  • Is smoke-free and odorless - ensures food does not taste of chafing fuel.
  • Is soot-free - clean burning extends the shine of expensive chafers
  • Has a long burn time - assuring uninterrupted hot food service.
  • Has a long shelf life - due to its low evaporation rate.
  • Has a solid non-flowing texture when not in use.
Camper Fuel

Easily tucked away into any backpack, this convenient, easy-to-use kit is a must for all adventure expeditions. This recyclable stove is a cheaper and safer alternative to the combustible portable camper's stove that uses the conventional LPG or butane fuel. Ideal for use by the peacekeeping forces in their field operations. each pack comes with an easily assembled 95mm ring holder that fits snuggly onto the rim of the burner.

Easy Fuel

Another version of the Gel Fuel, but packed into easy-to-dispense 1-liter plastic squeeze bottles. Hassle-free, this is a safe and hygienic method for refilling gel fuel into used fuel containers, enabling the user to determine the amount of gel fuel required. This product is also popularly used to dispense gel fuel into smaller receptacles such as tea-candle holders and individual claypot service stands.

Lite Up Fire Starter

Lite-Up Fire starter is an ideal product for campers and barbeque lovers. Designed to minimize the rigorous effort needed to start camp fires and barbeques, Lite-Up Fire Starter only requires a single matchstick. Pack your firewood, hot-stones, charcoal, or hot beads onto a small amount of Lite-Up Fire starter, light it up, sit back and relax. Lite-Up will do the rest. Available supervision is required when using this product. Comes in carton of 48 bottles.

Packing Options

Gel, wax, and liquid fuel are packed in various container sizes to suit a majority of catering needs. Custom-sized containers are also available against large volume orders. Our standard containers are available in the following sizes:

 Gel Fuel

  Wax Fuel

Wick Fuel







1 liter




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